Discard and Donate Program

Moving is stressful. One of the main benefits to transferees from the Discard and Donate program is to have a certified professional organizer assist them in preparing for their move. Part consultant, part coordinator and part hard worker, our organizers provide customized assistance to support the transferee and their families.
We will save your company money by reducing the size of the household goods shipment. The costs for the Discard and Donate service will always be less than the savings on the move. It is a unique opportunity to save money and provide your transferees with a new benefit.
A key benefit to eliminating household goods prior to the move is that it helps reduce the overall environmental footprint of the move. Less packing material helps to save trees and the reduced weight saves fuel.

In 2013, we introduced our Save a Tree, Plant a Tree program. For every tree that Home Sweet Home clients save by using our services, we make a donation to have 3 trees planted by the US Forest Service. Our donations provide saplings and trees that the Forest Service rangers plant all over the United States as they are taking care of our national forests.
Over 65% of household goods eliminated through the Discard and Donate program are donated back to the local community. This helps our clients to support the communities in which they work and live. The transferee receives the donation receipts for their tax purposes.

Discard and Donate Statistics

In 2016 Home Sweet Home:

Trees saved/ planted
Fuel Saved (in Gallons)
Weight Donated
Weight eliminated